Be active every day

The smart companion that highlights your daily routines and keeps you aware.

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Discover the time and ability to be more active

Better choices

Make better choices

Become more aware of how much you move each day. Make small choices that help you hit your goals.


Form new habits

Over time all those little choices turn into new habits. You’ll be taking the stairs in no time.

Long activity

Become more active

Wake up one morning and realize being active is something you are, no longer something you do.

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It's not just about sweating

Going for a jog or hitting the gym are not the only ways to stay active. Small decisions to walk during your day can add up to real activity over time.

Easily track steps and mileage

Breeze runs in the background, automatically keeping track of your movement. No start or stop buttons needed here.

Go the extra steps

Your goal each day? Keep up the movement and push yourself just a bit farther than the week before.

How it works

Auto step tracking, intuitive goal setting, and encouraging guidance at just the right time take the work out of making the right choices.

Always-on tracking

Breeze uses your phone to automatically track your walks, runs, and other activity throughout the day.

View your progress over time

Simple visualizations and daily summaries put each day in context.


Helpful nudges during the day

Timely messages encourage you to make the right decisions to hit your goals.

Easy on your battery

We harness the phone’s built-in motion chip so battery drain is one less thing you have to worry about in your quest to get fit.